Thursday, July 21, 2011

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#72)

I am convinced that success in online affiliate marketing generally comes when you learn to do one thing well - just one thing. That guy in the picture to the left is world-famous for building things out of toothpicks. He just chose one thing and got extremely good at it.  Now, building things out of toothpicks earns him continuing fame & fortune! You also need to pick one key aspect of Internet Marketing and get really, really good at it - be it list-building, setting up websites, driving traffic, creating your own products and services or whatever. 

What makes this simple notion so powerful is that, if you are really good at something (I mean, you TRULY excel at it), then it should become the cornerstone to your success.  That's how you get paid what you're truly worth.  For example, if creativity is your strongest area but you aren't doing anything creative, then it may explain why you're 'stuck' or failing to enjoy real success. You have to take a personal inventory, decide what interests you and (most important of all), what you really excel at.  Then simply develop your skills in this area to a high level. Thus, you're creating value within your own life and, consequently, you're more valuable to others... and they will pay you for that value.

Most people that are new to online business suffer from a lack of confidence, but that's usually the result of disorganized thinking and majoring in minors.  What do I mean by 'majoring in minors'?  I mean spending hours of time every day reading emails, checking Facebook, checking Twitter or blasting tweets, following forum threads, Skyping, going back to the emails, etc.  It feels like you're working but you're not being productive. See, you've got to get better at something that actually produces results.  It doesn't much matter what it is, but becoming an expert at just one aspect of Internet Marketing can create a magical spark in your business! 

It is common knowledge that 95% of Internet Marketers earn no money for all their hard work.  Another 3% earns a little and the last 2% actually succeed in earning a real living online.  What does the 2% know that you don't know?  Absolutely nothing, because all of the knowledge that you will ever need is readily available out there.  The difference is that they use their time far more productively than you do and they have become very, very good at (at least) one particular aspect of this industry.  I would ask every single member of Team OceanSwell to give this some serious thought.

Lastly, I am very grateful to those who are doing their part with the continuing Team Ad marketing.  Like everyone else, I wish that things worked 'faster' and more consistently, but they work as fast as they work and that's just reality.  That said, the $40.00 cash bonus goes to Team Member Jennifer Reed (jenreed3). Jennifer has been with us a long time and has always done more than her share. So, congratulations Jennifer. Just shoot me an email with your PayPal or AlertPay address and I will get your bonus out to you right away!


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